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Video Conferencing

Commander Video Conferencing solutions are designed to save your business money and increase productivity through staff collaboration. Video conferencing is ideal for Business meetings, educational and business training, health industry, retail businesses and even surveillance.

Commander Video Conferencing Systems are open standards based, meaning you can communicate with customers for an enhanced customer service experience, as well as suppliers to build a true business relationship. Commander Video Conferening solutions use the latest technologies from the leading brands such as Polycom and LifeSize. This ensures a high quality video experience - form a full boardroom solution, desktop or remote home worker solution. See the benefits below that Commander Video Conferencing can bring your business.

Cost Savings

Commander Video conferencing can reduce the cost of travel when face to face meetings are required. Cutting travel expenses is an excellent way for your business to improve your bottom line.

Increased Productivity

The time savings and employee productivity increase which occurs when meetings are conducted virtually is a major advantage. Workers that no longer require a large investment of time and money traveling for important meetings can be exponentially more efficient and utilise their talent to meet with more customers through video conferencing rather than spending their time on the road.

Better Collaboration

Video conferencing can also play a role in bettering the communication and sales pitches, especially where the presentation is to take place in multiple locations. Business Presentations can be shared with Video participants while the presenter speaks over the presentation. This is much more professional seamless way to present information to multiple parties’ across multiple locations.

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