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Commander Business First Fleet

Business First Fleet plans provide a business with some surety on the monthly expenditure for their mobiles.

Why Commander

  • Pay one monthly fee for a group of mobiles
  • Share the included call allowance amongst the group so the heaviest users are offset infrequent users
  • Free 5 min calls from 7am-7pm, 7 days a week to all other numbers listed on the same account
  • Each Fleet plan has both a minimum and maximum number of required Mobile Sim Numbers MSN's
  • Commander Free Fleet calls are included on all Fleet plans. No Flagfall applies
  • Possibility to add Data usage with a Data Add On

Business First Mobile Fleet

All rates and charges are inclusive of 10% GST.

Things you need to know

  1. Included calls - National calls, calls to Australian mobiles, National SMS/MMS, Voicemail, calls to 13, 1300 & 1800 services.
  2. Call rates are identical to the Caps except Voice Mail deposits which are 10c/30 seconds
  3. Excluded calls are added to the monthly fee. Excess usage occurs when customer exceeds the included call value.
  4. All Business First Fleet plans are only available on a 24 month contract. Early termination charges apply.
  5. Data usage is charged $1.50 per Mb if no Data Add On is selected.
  6. Data Add On only applies to the Mobile Service Number (MSN) it is connected to. It is not shared across all MSN's on the Fleet Cap.
  7. Fair Use Policies apply.
  8. Refer to the rate sheet below for full details.
  9. Pricing correct as at 28 August 2009 and subject to change at any time without notice.

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